TIPSS (metal stent)  and bands in a varix ( large black area)
TIPSS (metal stent) and bands in a varix ( large black area)

Transjugular Intrahepatic Porto systemic Stent Shunt is a way of diverting blood flow from the portal circulation to the hepatic circulation by passing the liver tissue. It is performed for those that have a condition called portal hypertension (high pressure in the portal vein) which has resulted in the formation of varices and or ascites which is resistant to drug therapy. It is performed radiologically, in X Ray, under general anaesthetic and requires hospitalisation for a minimum of 3 days and is an extremely effective way of treating life threatening symptoms of liver disease that up to now have required open surgery. There are many benefits to having a TIPSS rather than surgical shunts, the main benefit being that placement of TIPSS does not preclude future Liver Transplantation. It is performed by our Consultant Hepatologist Dr David Patch in conjunction with our radiologists and therefore an appointment with him or his colleague Professor Burroughs is essential before you can be considered for this procedure. For further information please contact the liver unit secretary whose number is on the contact page.