The Consultants at The Wellington Liver (HPB) Unit

To correctly and quickly diagnose your condition you need to be referred to either a Hepatologist: Dr David Patch or Dr James O'Beirne or a Consultant HPB surgeon: Mr Keith Rolles, Professor Brian Davidson, Mr Giuseppe Fusai or Mr Dinesh Sharma. Your GP can advise you or you can call our information line to help you choose.

David Patch
Dr David Patch MBBS FRCP
Consultant Physician and Honorary Senior Lecturer, Royal Free Hospital. He shares the liver transplant service at the Royal Free Hospital with Professor Burroughs. He is involved with clinical trials and research in portal hypertension and is a leading expert in the technique of transjugular liver biopsies and TIPSS procedures. He also maintains a broad endoscopic practice.
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James O'beirne
Dr James O'Beirne MBBS (Hons) MRCP EDICM
Consultant Hepatologist at The Royal Free Hospital. He shares the care of the liver transplant patients with other consultants at The Royal Free, in addition to providing a broad endoscopic service including ERCP. He has an interest in intensive care of liver patients and research interests in acute liver failure, variceal bleeding and transplantation outcomes.
Brian Davidson
Professor Brian Davidson MD FRCS
Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery, Royal Free Hospital. He has a particular interest in liver, biliary tract and pancreatic surgery with emphasis on the management of cancer. Professor Davidson also has one of the largest practices in the UK for surgical reconstruction following laparoscopic bile duct injury.
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Ameet Dhar
Dr Ameet Dhar PhD MRCP
Consultant Hepatologist in the Liver and Anti-viral unit at St Mary's Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS trust, London. He is lead for cirrhosis and portal hypertension, liver pre-transplant and post-transplant care at St Mary's Hospital, and manages patients post transplantation at the Royal Free. His clinical role also involves the management of patients with a variety of general liver diseases, including viral hepatitis, alcohol related liver disease, non-alcohol related fatty liver disease and autoimmune disorders of the liver. He performs diagnostic and therapeutic upper and lower GI endoscopy.
Giuseppe Fusai
Mr Giuseppe Fusai MS FRCS
Consultant Surgeon in the Liver Unit at the Royal Free Hospital, specialising in Hepato-pancreatobiliary Surgery and Liver Transplant. He is extensively trained in General and Laparoscopic Surgery including the treatment of benign conditions, such as gallstones and pancreatitis. His primary clinical and academic interest is in liver metastases and pancreatic cancer and in the modalities to treat patients with advanced disease, including vascular reconstruction.

Getting an accurate diagnosis is essential to determine treatment and to facilitate this we utilise the services of specialised Radiologists whose role consists of interpreting images and performing diagnostic and therapeutic tests. The Radiologists we work alongside are Dr Neil Davies and Dr James Bell.

Neil Davies
Dr Neil H Davies is a Consultant Interventional Radiologist working at The Royal Free and Wellington Hospitals. His primary interests include hepatobiliary intervention including hepatic artery embolisation, tumour ablation and TIPSS procedures.
James Bell
Consultant Radiologists, Royal Free Hospital. They provide a specialist service including interventional procedures for treatment and management of liver, biliary and pancreatic disorders.

If you are found to have a tumour of the liver, pancreas or biliary system we would involve our Consultant Oncologists for HPB, Dr Daniel Hochhauser or Dr John Bridgewater.

Daniel Hochhauser
Dr Daniel Hochhauser MA MB BS DPHIL FRCP
Dr Daniel Hochhauser is Kathleen Ferrier Reader at University College London and a consultant in medical oncology at UCLH. His major interests are in gastrointestinal oncology. Dr Hochhauser has a research programme focusing on novel chemotherapeutic agents and has carried out several early phase clinical trials of new drugs.
John Bridgewater
Mr John Bridgewater PhD FRCP
John Bridgewater is a senior lecturer in medical oncology at the Royal Free and University College Hospitals Medical School. His primary clinical interests are gastrointestinal malignancy and biliary tract malignancies but also include carcinoma of unknown primary. His research interests cover clinical trials involving studies of new agents. His laboratory work includes the molecular investigation of carcinoma of unknown primary and pancreatic cancer.
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